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Democratization, Europeanization, and Globalization Trends

Cross-National Analysis of Authoritarianism, Socialization, Communications, Youth, and Social Policy


Russell Farnen, Henk Dekker and Christ´l De Landtsheer

Scholars from eight countries describe in this interdisciplinary and internationally oriented book trends in Democratization, Europeanization, and Globalization. The subjects covered include authoritarianism, political socialization and education as well as communications, youth, and social policy matters.
Political system level developments are described in Poland, Russia, Germany, Israel, and Palestine. Childhood and youth policies issues include cultural genocide in Australia, democratic childrearing, and children’s rights.
Tolerance building, multiple identity formation, and electronic media are aspects of political socialization and education.
Authoritarianism impacts education, voting patterns, and the new anti-Semitism. Topics under Europeanization include website use, press reporting, national versus European identity, US-EU relations, and framing the Euro.
Contents: Daniel German: Introduction: Political Socialization Research - State of the Science/Art: National and Cross-National Developments in Integrating Psycho-Political-Sociological Educational Inquiry into Political Change and Continuity – Russell Farnen: Politics: Introduction – Marek Payerhin: Frame Globally, Block Locally: Ecological Direct Action and Democratization in Poland – Henk Dekker/Arie in ‘t Veld: The Internet and Political Socialization: Political Party Websites and Their Effectiveness – Astrid Schütz/Janine Hertel/Tobias Schulze: Rise and Fall of a Political Leader: Helmut Kohl – Batya Weinbaum: Utopian and Dystopian Moments: Unintended Impacts of Women in Black Organization, Palestine/Israel – Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz/Longin Pastusiak/Daniel German: Political Transformations in Russia and Poland: Comparative Perspectives on Political Socialization and Culture – Heinz Sünker: Childhood and Youth Policy: Introduction – Doris Bühler-Niederberger: The Political Order of Childhood: Children in Political Programs, Germany from Empire to Reunion – Robert van Krieken: When is Child Welfare Cultural Genocide? On the Politics of the Organized «Improvement» of Children’s Lives – Heinz Sünker: Childhood Politics, Children’s Rights, and Societal Future – Russell Farnen: Political Socialization and Education: Introduction – Ruth Firer: From Peace Making to Tolerance Building – Armin Bernhard: «Multiple Identity» as a New Ideal Personality: Social Scientific Discourse About Identity and Possible Consequences for Education and Pedagogy – Mary Hepburn: Electronic Media and Political Socialization in the USA – Russell Farnen: Psychology and Authoritarianism: Introduction – Paul Dekker/Peter Ester: Education and Authoritarianism: A Longitudinal Analysis of Dutch Survey Data, 1970-1996 – Bojan Todosijevic: Authoritarianism and Socialist Ideology: The Case of Yugoslavia, 1995 – Daphna Canetti/Ami Pedahzur: Three Facets of Authoritarianism as Determinants of Right-Wing Voting: Competing of Complementing? The Example of Israel – Wolfgang Frindte/Dorit Wammetsberger/Susan Wettig: A New Type of Anti-Semitism in Germany: Is Reconciliation Possible? – Gidi Rubinstein: Differences in Authoritarianism between Immigrants from the Former Soviet Union and Native-Born Israelis – Christ’l De Landtsheer/Russell Farnen: European Integration: Introduction: Being European in Present and Future EU Countries: On the Political Psychology of the European Integration – Daniel German/Dragan Stefanovic: Globalism Orientations in Central East and West Europe: Regional Differences in Attitudes Toward the European Union – Christ’l De Landtsheer/Natalya Krasnoboka/Conny Neuner: Participation Friendliness of Political Websites in Eastern and Western Europe (1999) – Marianne Law/Jerry Palmer/David Middleton: The Press Reporting of European Economic and Monetary Union In Four European Countries: A Comparative Analysis – Richard Robyn: A Multinational Study of National Identity in Europe: Focus on France – Russell Farnen: The US and the EU at the Turn of the Millennium: A Positive Past, Uncertain Future – Christ’l De Landtsheer/Elisabeth Koch: Metaphors and the Framing of the European Single Currency (the Euro) In and Out of Euroland – Christ’l De Landtsheer/Eva Peleman/Craig Carroll: How European are the Polish? A Q-sort Study on European Identity Frames in Poland – Russell Farnen: Integrating Cross National Research on Authoritarianism, Socialization, Communications and Youth Policy: Conclusions and Summary Comments.