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France – Ireland: Anatomy of a Relationship

Eamon Maher and Grace Neville

France – Ireland: Anatomy of a Relationship, with a Preface by Professor Joe Lee, is a selection of essays that seeks to explore the many links (spiritual, literary, cultural and historical) that exist between these two Gallic cousins. Figures dealt with in the book include John McGahern, Kate O’Brien, Oscar Wilde, John Broderick, George Moore, Maria Edgeworth, Daniel O’Connell, Wolfe Tone on the Irish side and Barthes, Derrida, Balzac, Flaubert, Julien Green, François Mauriac, Jean Sulivan, Paul Féval, Lamennais, Jean-Pierre Droz, Montalembert, Germaine de Staël among the French. Irish involvement in philosophical debates in France and their military exploits on French soil are also discussed. There is something in these essays for anyone with even a passing interest in Irish or French history, politics and literature.
Contents: Eugene O’Brien: Ireland in Theory: the Influence of French Theory on Irish Cultural and Societal Development – John McDonagh: ‘A Lot Done, More to Do’ - Barthes, Bertie and the ‘facteur Poujade’ – Fabienne Garcier: Applied French Naturalism in George Moore’s Short Fiction – Cliona Ó Gallchoir: Germaine de Staël and the Response of Sydney Owenson and Maria Edgeworth to the Act of Union – Brigitte Le Juez: Art, écriture et moralité: Flaubert modèle d’Oscar Wilde – Angela Ryan: A Franco-Irish Solution?: François Mauriac, Kate O’Brien and the Catholic Intellectual Novel – Eamon Maher: Death in the Country: An Intertextual Analysis of Jean Sulivan’s Anticipate Every Goodbye and John McGahern’s The Leavetaking – Michael O’Dwyer: ‘The Hidden Ireland, the Ireland of my dreams!’ Julien Green’s travels in Ireland – Liam Chambers: Irish Catholics, French Cartesians: Irish Reactions to Cartesianism in France, 1671-1726 – Serge Rivière: In Defence of Irish Catholicism: Charles de Montalembert’s aborted History of Ireland and Journal Intime – Jacinta Wright: Irish Nationalism in the roman-feuilleton: Paul Féval’s Les Mystères de Londres (1844) and La Quittance de Minuit (1846) – Graham Gargett: Jean-Pierre Droz, A Literary Journal, and francophone influence on the ‘Irish Enlightenment’ – David Irwin: Foucault’s Archaeology: A Basis for Political Intervention into ‘Knowledge’ of Fianna Fáil’s Republicanism – Phyllis Gaffney: ‘When we were very young’: University College Dublin’s French Department and the Fight for Irish Freedom – Amélie Ghesquière: La représentation diplomatique française dans l’Etat Libre d’Irlande (1920-1930): ‘œuvre de propagande’ ou renouveau de l’influence et de la présence française en Irlande – Grace Neville: ‘I hate France with a mortal hatred’: Daniel O’Connell and France – Laurent Colantonio: French Interpretations of Daniel O’Connell, from the last years of the Restoration to the Second Republic – Geraldine Grogan: Nineteenth-Century European Co-operation: Ireland, France and Germany - The role played by French liberal Catholics as a channel for the dissemination of O’Connell’s ideas in Catholic Germany – Maguy Pernot-Deschamps: Wolfe Tone, a Francophile at Heart – Sylvie Kleinman: Pardon my French: the linguistic trials and tribulations of Theobald Wolfe Tone – Brid Ni Chonaill: The Irish Presence in the Félibrige – Colm Ó Conaill: The Irish Regiments in France. An overview of the presence of Irish soldiers in French service, 1716-1791 – Tom Quinn: Lost in France: The Experience and Memory of Ireland’s Soldiers who Fought and Died in France during the Great War 1914-1918.