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Revisiting Organization Theory

Integration and Deconstruction of Gender and Transformation of Organization Theory

Regine Bendl

This book deals with organizational discourse and its gender subtexts. The two main research questions guiding this book are: first, according to what notions and patterns are males and females (re)produced within organizational texts, and more crucially, according to what gender subtext is organizational discourse (re)framed? Second, how does this gender subtext discourse influence, change and transform organizational discourse and contribute to the development of a new field or space for organizational research that transgresses mainstream disciplinary borders? In pursuing these questions deconstructively this book stresses on the processes and patterns according to which organizational discourse, and thus, of course, organizational scholars (re)produce gender.
Contents: Introductory reflections – The intersection between postmodernism, organization theory and feminist approaches – Analyzing organizational literature in terms of gender – The gender subtext of the Behavioral Approach to Decision-making Processes – Transforming organizational discourse.