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The City and the Region


Frank Eckardt

The issue of regionalization has become a crucial point in the process of European Unification. The region has attracted a wider audience, but the term remains attached to a variety of different definitions linked to spatial, historical, social, political and cultural discourses. The macro trends of globalization, the debate on political steering and the sociological perspective on the regionalization of life worlds however fit together. In this book, some links between the different understandings of the region are presented with empirical and theoretical international examples.
Contents: Frank Eckardt: The City and the Region. Introduction – Sako Musterd: The Rise of the Urban Network Region; Characteristics, Conditions and Policies – Jefferey M. Sellers: Growth Management: The Europeanization of a US City Region? – Tom Nielsen: H-City - Denmark as one urban system – Ingo Dallgahs: City and Region the Structurational Way. An Agency-based View of the City-Region – Rémi Dormois: Building an urban planning capacity at large scale. Example of Nantes - Saint-Nazaire metropolitan area – Petrakos George/Sotiris Pavleas/Angela Anagnostou: The Greek urban system: concentration or deconcentration, and estimation of metropolitan concentration – Frank Eckardt: Towards a Peripheral Society? Research Results on the Life Style in an East-German Region – Monika Krause: The City and its Borders: Some implications of the globalization of migration control for urban social space – Giorgos Kandylis: Urbanization of the Region or Regionalization of the City? Immigrants and urban development in Thessaloniki – Michael Janoschka: Melting Pot or Fragmented urban regions? Social and Spatial implications of the ‘two migrations’ to Spanish city regions – Robert Grimm: Parallel Spaces Besunce – Markus Beier/Antje Matern: Shaping Regional Governance in Metropolitan Regions - The Role of Spatial Planning – Alain Thierstein/Thomas Held/Simone Gabi: «City of Regions» - Improving Territorial governance in the Zurich «Glatttal-Stadt» – Jussi Kulonpalo: New Forms of Urban Governance in European Cities: Focusing on Cultural Policies.