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Ways into a new «Social Market Economy»

Analytical Approaches for the Democratically Legitimized States in Central and Eastern Europe with Special Reference to The Work of Oswald von Nell-Breuning


Eberhard Grein

The young political states of Central and Eastern Europe are still at the very beginning of their economic development. Against this background, the focus of these countries should clearly be on building up their economies. And within this context some key mistakes, that may be very difficult to revert under certain conditions, need to be avoided from the start. Eastern Europe should concentrate on the future and learn from the economic past of Western European countries, so that mistakes formerly made will not be embraced and cultivated. But moreover, even at this point we are faced with the question if the classic model of the social market economy can still be considered valid in the light of some promising new concepts and approaches, which offer detailed propositions.
Contents: The Social Market Economy – General Welfare, Subsidiary and Solidarity – How social is the Social Market Economy? – The Economic System of Capitalism – Co-Determination - a tried and tested/reliable Model? – The Pension Issue – The Creation of Wealth – A Better World - Solutions of the Catholic Social Doctrine for Democracies Oriented towards a Market Economy – The Economic Development of the Young Democracies of Central and Eastern Europe within the European Union – Statistical Appendix.