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Handbook of Sustainability Research


Walter Leal Filho

This handbook introduces concepts, ideas and methods of sustainability research based on real examples. It is divided into four sections. One part deals with theoretical aspects of sustainability and refers to theoretical approaches to sustainability research. Another section elaborates on more practical approaches to sustainability research, offering views and perspectives from various researchers, illustrating how regulations, laws and political frameworks influence sustainability. A third part treats education for sustainability and presents research and practical projects, showcasing how sustainability research may focus in formal and non-formal education. The final section draws some conclusions based on the body of experiences and knowledge gathered by the authors. This handbook will be of great use to educators, scientists, researchers, politicians, environment activists, teachers and others interested in sustainability and in the implementation of results of sustainability research.
Contents: Robert D. Bixler/J. Joy James: Environmental Socialization: The Critical Peripheral? – Rosemary Cousin: A Theoretical Framework for Measuring the Sustainability Capacity of Modes of Governance – Alexander Fehér/Lýdia Končeková: An Analysis of Indicators for Sustainable Land Use based on Research in Agricultural Landscape – Tasoulla Hadjiyanni/Julia Williams Robinson: Incorporating Cultural Issues in Sustainable Housing Design - The Case of the Hmong – Klaus Hubacek/Guan Dabo/Laixiang Sun: An Analysis of China’s Water Problems: A Long Term Perspective – Roderick J. Lawrence: Human Ecology and its Applications for Sustainability Research – Michael Ornetzeder/Harald Rohracher: Social Learning, Innovation and Sustainable Technology – Daniel G. C. Rainham/Ian McDowell/Jeff Wilson: Does Improving Human Well-being inevitably Drain Natural Capital? – Maaris Raudsepp/Mati Heidmets: Sustainability as a Regulative Idea and Norm of Behavior: Social and Psychological Aspects – Joseph P. Reser/Joan M. Bentrupperbäumer: The Psychosocial Impacts of Visitation and Use in World Heritage Areas: Researching and Monitoring Sustainable Environments and Encounters – Sarah Bell: The Oil Mallee Project: Sustainable Industry Development in Western Australia – Kathryn Buselich: Transactional Space: A Transformative Process for Sustainability Deliberation piloted with the Western Australian Collaboration – Guillaume Fontaine: Governance and the Role of Civil Society: The Case of Oil and Gas Extraction in the Andean Amazon – Gary Gumpert/Susan J. Drucker: Media and Sustainability – Karli James/Helen Lewis/Leanne Fitzpatrick/Kees Sonneveld: Sustainable Packaging Systems Development – Jeffrey R. Kenworthy: Sustainable Urban Transport: Developing Sustainability Rankings and Clusters based on an International Comparison of Cities – Peter Newman: Regional Sustainability: Principles and Practices with a Case Study on Western Australia – Walter Leal Filho/Skaidre Zickiene/Zita Tamasauskiene: An Appraisal of the Application of Indicators for Assessing Sustainable Development – Mauri Åhlberg: Integrating Education for Sustainable Development – M. J. Barrett/Paul Hart/Kathleen Nolan/Ali Sammel: Challenges in Implementing Action oriented Sustainability Education – Elena Camino/Giuseppe Barbiero/Anna Perazzone/Laura Colucci-Gray: Linking Research and Education to promote an Integrated Approach to Sustainability – Julie Davis/Noeleen Rowntree/Megan Gibson/Robert Pratt/Anissa Eglington: Creating a Culture of Sustainability: From Project to Integrated Education for Sustainability at Campus Kindergarten – Sérgio Leite/ Mário Freitas/Ana Séneca: Promoting Education for Sustainable Development through Communitarian Problem Solving: A Case Study in the National Park of Peneda-Gerês – Solly Mosidi: Is Local Government ready for a Decade for Education for Sustainable Development? A Case of Govan Mbeki Municipality: South Africa – Julie Newman/Eleanor Abrams: Reaching beyond Compliance: Obstacles to Integrating Sustainability into Decision-making Processes in an Institution of Higher Education – Constantina Skanavis/Vassiliki Petreniti/Kleopatra Giannopoulou: Models Assessing Responsible Environmental Behavior of Educators in Sustainable Development Programs – Patricia Solís: My Community, Our Earth: Geographic Learning for Sustainable Development – Lindsay Cole/Tarah Wright: Assessing Sustainability on Canadian University Campuses: The Development of a Campus Sustainability Assessment Framework – Walter Leal Filho: Sustainable Development Communication: Interntional Approaches and Practice.