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School Development

Focusing on Emotional Factors and General Skills

Hermann Astleitner

School development represents a field of educational research and practice in which the quality of schools, i.e. all their input and output factors, should be improved. Recent developments in the field concern ways of standard-based instruction and are mainly focusing on specific cognitive factors like subject matter knowledge, learning strategies, or problem solving skills. However, the purpose of this book is to focus on non-cognitive, i.e. emotional, and on general skills which also influence knowledge acquisition or school achievement and which have been widely ignored by school development programs so far.
Contents: Hermann Astleitner: Introduction: Emotional Factors and General Skills in School Development – Hermann Astleitner: Emotional Design of Instruction – Hermann Astleitner/Juliane Schmich: Can Teachers Learn to Solve Emotional Problems? – Hermann Astleitner/Franz Riffert/ Angela Gastager/Barbara Holzner: The Influence of Body Image on Self-Esteem of Students – Franz Riffert/Andreas Paschon/Jörg Sams: School Development and Psychological Health Awareness - Self-Efficacy, Anxiety, and Aggression – Hermann Astleitner: Teaching Argumentation Skills – Hermann Astleitner/Gerhard Kriegseisen: Preparing Students for Their Professional Life – David L. Westling/Stephen Westling: An Overview of Positive Behavior Supports and Applications Using Information Technology.