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EU Anti-Dumping Measures Against Russian Exporters

In View of Russian Accession to the WTO and the EU Enlargement 2004


Olesia Engelbutzeder

The objective of this study is to analyse the EU anti-dumping policy towards Russia and its impact on the bilateral trade relations. The study is divided into four Parts. Part 1 is dedicated to general legal analysis of trade relations between the European Union and Russia with emphasis on EU anti-dumping law. Part 2 provides detailed analysis of the EU anti-dumping rules and practice applicable to Russia, including the case study. In Part 3 the author examines the essence of the historic amendments to the EU anti-dumping legislation of 8 th November 2002, which granted Russia a market economy status. Finally, Part 4 gives an overview of the future prospects in view of the EU enlargement in 2004 and Russian membership in the World Trade Organisation.
Contents: Russia and the EU – Bilateral trade relations with emphasis on EU anti-dumping measures against Russia – EU anti-dumping law and practice against Russian exporters – Russia’s status as a market economy country granted by the EU in 2002 – Perspectives.