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Return of the Dragon

US-China Relations in the 21 st Century

Danny S. Paau and Herbert S. J. Yee

A rising China immediately raises two pressing questions. First, the phenomenal growth of Chinese power occurred at the same time as the equally eye-catching display of hostile confrontations and conflicts between China and the United States from the mid-1990s into the early 2000s. How the lone super power of the post-Cold War world and the former Celestial Emperor of Asia that is again on the rise will accommodate each other and the impact that this may have are issues of grave concern to scholars. Second, the world of the twenty-first century has changed significantly, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. How the players in the region – who themselves have undergone many changes – perceive and respond to the interaction between the two titans are important questions for scholars of Sino-US relations. It is precisely these questions that this volume seeks to shed light on. It explores selected themes in Sino-US relations in the new century and examines how players in the region, as individuals or as blocs, act upon or react to the interaction between the two giants.
Contents: Danny S. L. Paau: Dragon Returned: a New Balance in Sino-US Relations in a Vastly Changed World – Julia Chang Bloch: US China Policy: New Realism in a New Century – Jing-dong Yuan: Managing the Dragon’s Rise: the China Policy of the Bush Administration – Priscilla Roberts: Changing US Perceptions of China from David Bruce to the New Century – Gerald Chan: Responsibility and Compliance in China’s World Trade Organisation (WTO) Policy: Implications for Sino-US Relations – Herbert S. Yee: Into the New Century: Reconsidering the ‘China Threat’ Factor in Sino-US Relations – Alexander Lukin: Russo-US Rapprochement and Sino-Russian Relations After September 11 – Brian Bridges/Ren Yue: Prawns and Whales: the Two Koreas between China and the United States – Charles Burton: North Korea as a Key Factor in Post-September 11 Sino-US Relations – Ian J. Storey: Australia and Sino-US Relations: Balancing Economic Opportunities with Alliance Commitments – Ting Wai: The Changing Balance of Power in South Asia and the Chinese Security Environment: Implications for Sino-US Relations – Aileen San Pablo-Baviera: The Post-Cold War Strategic Interests of China and ASEAN: the Role of the United States – Ming K. Chan: In the Shadow of Containment: Hong Kong in Cold War Sino-US Security Concerns.