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Nordic Prosody

Proceedings of the IXth Conference, Lund 2004

Gösta Bruce and Merle Horne

This volume contains the revised texts of the papers given at the ninth Nordic Prosody conference, held at Lund University, Sweden, in August 2004. The twenty-six contributions cover a wide range of aspects of Nordic prosody including not only Scandinavian languages and dialects – Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish – but also of related languages: Estonian, Russian, and Orkney and Shetland dialects of English. The papers can be divided into the following themes: accentuation from phonetic or phonological starting-points, prosody from general linguistic perspectives, both grammar and pragmatics, prosody modelling for human – machine interaction, and other phonetic aspects of prosody including quantity.
Contents: Jardar Eggesbø Abrahamsen: Focus in the Herøy dialect – Jørn Almberg: Tonal differences between four Norwegian dialect regions - some acoustic findings – Eva Liina Asu: Tonal alignment in two varieties of Estonian – Gösta Bruce/Johan Frid: A Swedish accent journey – Nicole Dehé: Some notes on the focus-prosody relation and phrasing in Icelandic – Wim A. van Dommelen/Thorstein Fretheim: A case of conflict between prosodic and non-prosodic cues in Norwegian reference resolution – Wim A. van Dommelen/Stefan Werner: The effect of speaking rate on perceived quantity in Finnish and Norwegian reiterant speech – Gunnar Fant/Anita Kruckenberg: The FK prosody model. Analysis and synthesis – Gert Foget Hansen/Nicolai Pharao: Prosodic aspects of the Copenhagen multiethnolect – Mattias Heldner/Jens Edlund/Rolf Carlson: Interruption impossible – Jan K. Hognestad: Tonal accents in Stavanger: from Western towards Eastern Norwegian prosody? – Merle Horne/Johan Frid/Mikael Roll: Timing restrictions on prosodic phrasing – David House: Perception and production of phrase-final intonation in Swedish questions – Antti Iivonen: Creaky voice as a prosodic feature in Finnish – Ellert Thor Johannsson: The effects of prosodic position on initial voiceless sonorants in Icelandic – Gjert Kristoffersen: Tonal melodies and tonal alignment in East Norwegian – Aditi Lahiri/Allison Wetterlin/Elisabet Jönsson-Steiner: Scandinavian lexical tone: prefixes and compounds – Klaske van Leyden: Pitch-peak alignment vs. overall pitch level in the identification of Orkney and Shetland dialects – Ove Lorentz: Stød basis and toneme basis – Mikael Roll: Prosodic cues to the syntactic structure of subordinate clauses in Swedish – Felix Schaeffler: Drawing the Swedish quantity map: from Bara to Vörå – Susanne Schötz: Prosodic and non-prosodic cues in human and machine estimation of female and male speaker age – My Segerup/Francis Nolan: Gothenburg Swedish word accents: a case of cue trading? – Pavel Skrelin/Nina Volskaya: Russian read and spontaneous speech: prosodic data analysis – Tania E. Strahan: Intonational phrases and long-distance reflexives – Eva Strangert/Rolf Carlson: On the modelling and synthesis of conversational speech.