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The Concept of Man in the Advaita Vedanta of Sankara

An Inquiry into Theological Perspectives


P. Joseph Payyappilly

The Concept of Man in the Advaita Vedanta of Sankara concentrates its attention mainly on the anthropology of absolute non-difference. The sources for this work are the Upanishads and the works of the best known Indian philosopher, Sankara. The Advaita doctrine is pure metaphysics and its anthropology is identical with the nature of the supreme Brahman. A number of perspectives of great theological importance have been evolved. This work makes an original contribution to Indian theology by suggesting in the light of Advaita doctrine a metaphysical foundation for theology in general, and by showing how the elements of its radical anthropology could be of help in formulating a non-dualistic Christian anthropology in particular.
Contents: The Fundamental Anthropological Principles in Advaita Thought – The Advaita Anthropology in its Polemic Against Rival Schools – Theological Perspectives in Advaita Metaphysics.