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Critical Theory of Good Living

Peter Baltes

To understand our life, to order its elements, to add new ones, and to orient it toward the general goal of a good life for all: this is the task of this Critical Theory of Good Living. Learning from Newton that the world is a system of forces, and from Hegel that all forces are subject to reciprocal effects, it was Parsons who could order the world according to the significance of every force in our life. Darwin discovered the self interest as the intrinsic motive force of our behaviour, dialectically completing Kant, who had proposed equal rights as the absolute moral law for all human action. From the integration of these fundamental tenets of thought into one logical system emerges this new and comprehensive philosophy, which not only includes a superior life technique but also the principles of a justified moral existence.
Contents: Mutual action – The life structure – The life concept – The GACORE-Model – Self-advice – Argumentative communication – Production and consumption – The model of the Critical Theory of Good Living.