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Absolute Revelation and Universal Religion

An Evaluation of the Claims of Christianity and Hinduism in the Philosophical Perspectives of Swami Vivekananda, Wolfhart Pannenberg and Karl Rahner


Joseph Pandiappallil

The mutual enrichment and tolerance between Christianity and Hinduism should be an important theme in any discussion of interreligious co-existence, because of the influence of both religions in the present day world. But is there a meeting point between Christian absolutism and Hindu universalism? Can pluralism be a solution? If the claim of one religion does not contradict the claim of the other, why should a mutual recognition, tolerance and co-existence be impossible? Why cannot the followers of different religions live together as brothers and sisters of one single loving Father? These and many other similar questions are dealt with in this book.
Contents: Concept of Religion and Approach of Christianity to Religions – The Hindu Concept of Dharma and the Approach of Hinduism to the Religions – Vivekananda’s Concept of Religion – The Concept of Religion and Revelations according to W. Pannenberg – Rahner’s Concept of Religion and Revelations – Universal Religion and Absolute Revelations.