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Human Rights in Europe

A Fragmented Regime?

Malte Brosig

The book represents an insight into current human rights developments in Europe and gives an overview of the complex, juridical and political dimensions. The contemporary development and institutionalisation of European human rights norms takes place within the structures of the European Union, OSCE, Council of Europe and a multilayered court system. Chapter II «European Organisations and Human Rights» delivers an up to date introduction into the organisation’s different approaches to human rights. Geographically the volume has a strong focus on human rights developments in Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe. Russia and Turkey are challenging cases for European human rights organisations and are dealt with in separate articles. The issue of minority rights protection forms another challenge for many Central and Eastern European Countries. The protection of Roma people is only one pressing example. Finally the book devotes a whole chapter to the EU’s external relations and human rights. The volume closes with a chapter written by David Chandler who reminds us of the limits of the human rights conception.
Contents: Malte Brosig: Human Rights in Europe: An Introduction – Karen Schlüter: The Council of Europe, the Standard-setter – Hartmut Aden: Human rights before the courts: Concurrence or complementary protection by the European Court of Human Rights, the European Court of Justice and by national constitutional courts? – Katarzyna Cuadrat-Grzybowska: The Protection of Fundamental Rights in the European Union - selected aspects – Justus Schönlau: Courts, Charters and Conventions: The Institutionalisation of Human Rights Protection in the European Union – Jens Narten: The Human Dimension: The OSCE’s Approach to Human Rights – Carmen Thiele: Minority Rights in Europe: an introduction into a fragmented regime – Malte Brosig: Diffusing Fragmented Human Rights Standards: Minority Rights in Estonia – Eben Friedman: Minority Rights in Europe: Roms in Slovakia and the Czech Republic – Claudia Mahler/Anja Mihr/Reetta Toivanen: Teaching Human Rights in Europe and its role for minority movements – Wolfgang S. Heinz: EU External Relations and Human Rights – Regina Heller: ‘Exporting’ values: Tracing the EU’s human rights policy towards Russia – Birsen Erdogan: Turkeys compliance with EU Human Rights Norms – Harald Schenker: Macedonia - The Imperative of Success – Katina Boncheva: The European Union and Human Rights in Bulgaria – David Chandler: Taking Human Rights to its Limits or Why We Need a Critical Review.