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The Mission of Mormonism in Norway 1851-1920

A Study and Analysis of the Reception Process


Johnnie Glad

This work is a study and an analysis of the reception process from the time Mormonism first arrived in Norway in 1851 and up to the year 1920. The focus is on what took place when a religious majority was confronted with a different and minor religious movement that presented a message wrapped in terminology familiar to members of the Christian churches, but deviated to a large extent from accepted Christian doctrine as taught in the Lutheran State Church and other Christian churches. The study traces the debate aroused on account of the Mormon issue, throwing light on the civil and ecclesiastical authorities as well as on cultural, sociological, juridical and religious conditions of this period. The book includes a historical review of the establishment of the LDS Church in America, a chapter on the doctrinal foundation of Mormonism, a brief retrospect on the history of Mormonism in Norway, its mission strategy and the Millennium issue regarding Mormon emigration.
Contents: Doctrinal foundation of Mormonism – The issue of religious freedom – The Dissenter Law – The Mormons and the Dissenter Law – Reactions from the public and the press – The polygamy issue – Encounter with ecclesiastical authorities – Anti-Mormon campaigns – Problem of tolerance - Intolerance – The Millennium issue and Mormon emigration.