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Hindu India

Another Approach to its Multiflorous Religious Culture- Collected Essays


Edmund Weber

Modernism which has become a self-conscious and very powerful intellectual and cultural factor in the global inter-religious competition. There is the old Indian Buddhism which is deeply rooted in Hindu culture. There is Ambedkar, the great leader of the Untouchables and fighter against caste system, who prevented his Dalit comrades from conversion to Christianity or Islam, and encouraged them to stay in the world of Indo-genous culture by entering Neo-Buddhism. There are anti-karmistic Hindu religions fighting against the rule of karma: arul (selfless grace), bhakti (selfless love) and seva (selfless service) are their basic religious ideas. The Indo-genous religions are deeply connected by puja whatever objects may be worshipped; Sikhs worship the Holy Book, the Granth, as their Guru and Lord; Iskcon worships Krishna and has reconstructed the puja even in the West.
Contents: Modern Hindu Culture – Swami Vivekananda and Buddhism – Swami Vivekananda’s Ethics of Religion – Charity in Inter-Religious Perspective – The Religion of the Iskcon Vaishnavas – The Hindu Buddha – The Presence of the Holy in the Līlānukaraṇa – Nammalvar, God’s Decoy – Vishnu – The Lord of the Sikhs: Adi Shri Guru Granth – Buddhism: An Atheistic and Anti-Caste Religion? – The Dalits – Ambedkar and the Hindu Culture – Unity of Buddhism and Hinduism.