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Text and Language in Medieval English Prose

A Festschrift for Tadao Kubouchi


Akio Oizumi, Jacek Fisiak and John Scahill

Text and Language in Medieval English Prose is a collection of essays featuring new scholarship in the field of medieval English philology in general and medieval English prose in particular, presented in honour of Tadao Kubouchi. Many of the contributions are informed by the renewed attention to manuscript evidence that is a recurring theme in his From Wulfstan to Richard Rolle: Papers Exploring the Continuity of English Prose (Cambridge, 1999).
Contents: Bruce Mitchell: For Tadao Kubouchi – Shoko Muraosa: Tadao Kubouchi and his work – Bernhard Diensberg: Tradition and change in the Vernon recension of the Ancrene Riwle – Takako Fujii: Wulfstan’s Latin and Old English texts of De Cristianitate – Malcolm Godden: Editing the Old English Boethius – Joyce Hill: Authorial adaptation: Ælfric, Wulfstan and the Pastoral Letters – Terry Hoad: Notes on some features of the language of the Kentish Sermons (MS Bodleian, Laud Misc. 471) – Keiko Ikegami: Text-editing and textual problems in the Ancrene Wisse – Robert E. Lewis: Verbs with i- prefix in the Middle English Dictionary – Bella Millett: The discontinuity of English prose: Structural innovation in the Trinity and Lambeth Homilies – Bruce Mitchell: Some reflections on the punctuation of Old English prose – Ruta Nagucka: Cognitive approaches for the understanding of Old English loanwords – Koichi Nakamura: «Englisc», «Francois» and «loquela propria» in Ancrene Wisse – Michiko Ogura: Words of emotion in Old and Middle English translations of Boethius’ De Consolatione Philosophiae – Fred C. Robinson: Possible biblical resonances in Bede’s presentation of the conversion of the English – John Scahill: The Nero Ancrene Wisse and Middle English word-geography – William Schipper: W. W. Skeat’s edition of Ælfric’s Lives of Saints – Liliana Sikorska: Medieval «manuals of sins» and their literary (re)readings: The case of John Capgrave’s Life of St. Augustine and John Lydgate’s The Pilgrimage of the Life of Man – E.G. Stanley: The prose Menologium and the verse Menologium – Jun Terasawa: Ælfric’s Judith: Is the heroine a model of chastity or patriotism? – Yoshio Terasawa: Some aspects of expedients to express intensity and emphasis in the Authorised Version – Jerzy Wełna: Ingland, Inglish and… what else? (Pre-nasal e-raising in early English).