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Time – Space – Places

Dietrich Henckel, Elke Pahl-Weber and Benjamin Herkommer

The fate of the city as a way of organising human social life has frequently been declared as sealed. After decades of urban sprawl, technological revolutions towards the end of the 20th century sparked speculation about the virtualisation of urban functions: cyberspace instead of city. Moreover, the flexibilisation of time structures began to add a temporal dimension to the fragmentation of urban regions. Looking back on the apocalyptic prophecies of the 1990s, it is encouraging to discover that the city is still among the living. There is indeed a simultaneity of dispersion and concentration. Spatial and temporal density are not in the process of dissolving: they are being redefined. The international conference Time Space Places undertook to trace the course of this redefinition and the new constellations of our urban system.
Contents: Dietrich Henckel/Benjamin Herkommer/Elke Pahl-Weber: Time - Space - Places: Introduction – Dietrich Henckel/Benjamin Herkommer/Elke Pahl-Weber: The Temporal Topography of the City - Urban Timescapes. Introduction – Stephen Graham: Temporal Aspects of Splintering Urbanism – Benjamin Herkommer: Slow City - Fast Cityan Exploration into Urban Speed – Dietrich Henckel: Building High and Running Fast - Cities as Spaces and Time Saving Entities – Dietrich Henckel/Benjamin Herkommer/Elke Pahl-Weber: Network Cities and New Urban Fringes. Introduction – Elke Pahl-Weber: Production of Urban Densities - Quo Vadis Density? – Roberta Capello: Urban Growth and City Networks. Empirical Evidence from Italy and Europe – Stefan Carsten: City Regions: Perspective of a Global Player – Dietrich Henckel/Benjamin Herkommer/Elke Pahl-Weber: Places of Urban Character. Introduction – Michael Koch/Henrik Sander: Where the Heck is Urbanity? – Kees Christiaanse: 4 HD MUD - High-density Mixed-use Development – Dietrich Henckel/Benjamin Herkommer/Elke Pahl-Weber: The Future of the Urban Core. Introduction – Ann Markusen: The Urban Core as a Cultural Sticky Place – Taner Oc/Tzu-Yuan Chao/Nicholas Brown: The Ageing Society - An Urban Society? The British Experience – David Camp: Leisure in an Urban Environment.