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Textual and Contextual Studies in Medieval English

Towards the Reunion of Linguistics and Philology


Michiko Ogura

This collection of papers is a product of the first international conference of the Society of Historical English Language and Linguistics (SHELL) held at Chiba University, Japan, in September 2005. The society aims at the reunion of linguistics and philology. The papers discuss current issues in the area of syntax, semantics and stylistics.
Contents: Michio Hosaka: On Unaccusative Constructions in the History of English – Yoko Iyeiri: The Development of Non-assertive any in The Paston Letters – Tadashi Kotake: Aldred’s Multiple Glosses: Is the Order Significant? – Yoshiyuki Nakao: The Interpretation of Troylus and Criseyde 3.587: ‘syn I moste on yow triste’ – Yuji Nakao: The Demonstrative Pronouns tho, those and thise, these, etc. in the Winchester Malory and Caxton’s Malory – Hiroyuki Nawata: Grammaticalisation and the Economy of Vocabulary Insertion – Michiko Ogura: Element order Varies: Samples from Old English Psalter Glosses – Masayuki Ohkado: On Word Order in Constructions with Two Predicates in Old English Interlinear Glosses – Young-Bae Park: Teaching Medieval English in Korea in the Twenty-first Century – John Scahill: Prose in Motion: Syntactic Change in the Ancrene Wisse – Hironori Suzuki: Effect of Alliteration on Constructions with Complex Predicates in Old English Poetry – Hideki Watanabe: Sword, Fire and Dragon: Polysemous Compounds in Beowulf Reconsidered with Special Reference to nacod nið draca (2273) and þæt wæs modig secg (1812) – Fumiko Yoshikawa: Middle English Verbs with both Impersonal Use and Reflexive Use.