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Family, School, Youth Culture

International Perspectives of Pupil Research

Heinz-Hermann Krüger and Werner Helsper

This volume is a collection of contributions from an international conference on the Post-PISA discussion and results from research projects housed at Zentrum für Schul- und Bildungsforschung at the university of Halle-Wittenberg (ZSB). The focus in the German, Swedish, English, and Dutch discussion was on the restrictions of central educational establishments for children and adolescents. Instead of limiting the educational processes of young people to school alone, this investigation emphasizes the interdependencies of school, family, and the peer cultures of children and youngsters, as well as the interplay of interaction and the production of inequalities between children and adolescents via selection procedures and processes of differentiation.
Contents: Heinz-Hermann Krüger/Werner Helsper/Gesine Foljanty-Jost/Rolf Torsten Kramer/Merle Hummrich: Introduction – Jan Bengtsson: Educational relationships between generations in family, school and peer groups. Possiblilities and limits for teaching and learning – Merle Hummrich/Werner Helsper/Susann Busse/Rolf-Torsten Kramer: Individuation in pedagogical generation relations. Adjustment relations between a naturally developed parent-child relation and a pedagogical alliance – Daniela Pscheida/Christian Weinert: Teacher-student relationship at independent «Steiner Waldorf Schools». Describing the balance between class teachers’ authority and students’ efforts for autonomy – Manuela du Bois-Reymond: Consequences of informal and peer learning for school. Case studies from the Netherlands and other European countries – Werner Helsper/Heinz-Hermann Krüger/Sylke Fritzsche/ Nicole Pfaff/Sabine Sandring/Christine Wiezorek: Political attitudes of young people between school and peer-culture – Georg Breidenstein/Kerstin Jergus: Doing pupil among peers. Ethnographic observations – Gero Lenhardt: Educational inequality in Germany – Ewald Terhart: Giving marks - constructing differences. Explorations in the micro-politics of selection in schools – Georg Breidenstein/Michael Meier/Katrin U. Zaborowski: Being tested and receiving marks. An ethnography of pupil assessment in the classroom setting – Werner Helsper/Rolf-Torsten Kramer/Sven Brademann/Carolin Ziems: Children’s biographical orientations toward selection procedures at school – Heinz-Hermann Krüger/Sina-Mareen Köhler/Maren Zschach: Peer groups and selection processes within the educational system - Theoretical and conceptual framework and first results – Harry Torrance/John Pryor: The social construction of success and failure in classroom assessment in England.