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Sustainability in the Australasian University Context


Walter Leal Filho and David Carpenter

Sustainable development, i.e. the use of existing natural resources in a way that they are available in the long term for future generations, holds a central position at an international level. Sustainability has also found its way into academia, especially in North America, Europe and Australasia, where many universities include it in their programs. Due to their wealth of experiences and well-organised structure, Australasian universities provide a good example of how to promote sustainability in respect of policy as well as academic practice. In order to succeed and to last, sustainability initiatives must be incorporated into the structures and operational systems of universities. In addition to traditional efforts towards making provisions for sustainable development elements in the areas of teaching or research, a sustainability dimension must also be considered as part of extension works, operations, and in staff training.
This book discusses the context of sustainability in the Australasian tertiary sector, provides examples of innovative education for sustainability initiatives, and presents details of leading campus greening projects. The authors hope that these examples can help and inspire people in other countries and regions as well.
Contents: Kate Sherren: Pillars of Society: The Historical Context for Sustainability and Higher Education in Australia – Kate Sherren/Libby Robin: A Curriculum for a Cause? – Robert Dyball/David Carpenter: Human Ecology and Education for Sustainability – Peliwe P. Mnguni/Susan Long: Partnering for Sustainability: A Task not for the Faint-Hearted – John Reid/David Carpenter/Bart Meehan: Art for Earth’s Sake: Creative and Interdisciplinary Collaborations for Sustainability in the Tertiary Sector – Stefan Kaufman/Will Symons/Zafi Bachar: The Green Steps Program: Fostering Environmental Change Agents – Sarah Holdsworth/Sarah Bekessy/Peliwe Mnguni/Carolyn Hayles/Ian Thomas: Beyond Leather Patches (BELP): Sustainability Education at RMIT University – Carl Stepath/Hilary Whitehouse: Ripple Effects - A Study of the Learning Outcomes of Taking University Students to a Local Coral Reef – Almut Beringer/Peter Martin: Toward sustainable living through outdoor education – Peter Newman: The Sustainability Journey at Murdoch University – Belinda Towns/Chris Cocklin: Triple Bottom Line (TBL) Reporting and Strategic Change in Higher Education – Mark Boulet: The Monash University Green Office Program: Engaging Staff in Sustainable Work Practices – David Carpenter/Beth Mitchell/Bart Meehan: Planning for Biodiversity: a Challenge for Universities – Kathryn I. Hewson/Leanne K. O’Brien/Rachel M. Barker/Jeffrey G. Weston: Restoring the Waterways of University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand – Robin Tennant-Wood/John Sullivan: Towards a model for best practice recycling in the tertiary sector – Ross Kapitzke: Fish Passage Prototypes: Integrating Research, Teaching and Conservation – Barbara Dolamore/Ian Milne/Grant McPhail/David Currie: From Policy to Practice: Environmental Management at Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology – Su Wildriver: Preventing Pollution from the Australian National University.