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Innovative Approaches to Education for Sustainable Development


Walter Leal Filho and Mario Salomone

The present book is a compilation of some of the key note speeches and papers delivered at the Third World Environmental Education Congress – 3 rd WEEC (Turin, Italy, 3-6 October 2005). It includes a number of the contributions in various subjects discussed at the Congress, whose lead theme was Educational paths towards Sustainability. This book documents the wide range of topics in the field of environmental education discussed at the event, with a special emphasis to the scientific, educational and participatory aspects presented at the Congress and considers how they are linked with sustainable development. The Third World Environmental Education Congress was a further, positive step forward towards the cause of promoting environmental education across the world. The experiences gathered and documented in this book, which is a concrete contribution towards the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, want to raise further interest and catalyse further projects and initiatives all over the world.
Contents: Walter Leal Filho/Mario Salomone: Innovative approaches to education for sustainable development – Mario Salomone: «Governance» and sustainable society the role of education in politics and the economy – Klaus Hübner: Learning to shape life – Antonella Bachiorri/Cristina Bondavalli/Alessandra Pugliesi/Silvia Selmi: Scuola 10 e lode, an environmental-certification project for schools in the Emilia Romagna Region (Italy) – Elisabetta Falchetti/Nicola Margnelli: Park, yes or no? A teaching experience on a socio-environmental conflict. Introduction and theoretical guide-lines – David B. Zandvliet/David R. Brown: Islands of discourse: case studies of an ecological framework for environmental education – Vienola Vuokko: Promoting environmental education at kindergarten level in Savonlinna, Finland and in Saku, Estonia – Chrysanthi Kadji-Beltran/Constantinos P. Constantinou/Petra Lindemann-Matthies/Zacharias Zacharia: Diversity in environmental education: the pre-service training of the primary school teachers – Monica Camuffo/Paola Minoia/Gabriele Zanetto/Gonzalo Malvarez: Educom@med: education in coastal management for the Mediterranean – Marco Rieckmann: Education for Sustainable Development in Preschool Institutions. Development and testing of a training concept for Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) – Elena Camino/Giuseppe Barbiero/Marta Angelotti/Laura Colucci-Gray: An innovative experience of training in sustainability, addressed to PhD students involved in environmental research – Arundhati Vishwasrao/Alaka Gadgil: Revitalizing the philosophy of the Gurukul System for effective Environmental Education – Shailesh Shukla/James S. Gardner: Community-based approaches to environmental education: lessons for socially critical education and biodiversity conservation – Heidi Mardon/Pamela Williams: Sustainable relationships. The key to the success of the New Zealand Enviroschools Programme – Eric Deche: Education for Sustainable Development learning for Sustainable Living in Kenya. A project of nature Kenya (East African Natural History Society) – Mary Murphy: From Ijoni to eco warrior: the impact of South Africa’s reconciliation on environmental education – Heila Lotz-Sisitka: Engaging ambivalence: Environment in South Africa’s new national curriculum statement – Giorgio Matricardi/Nello Agosta/Agostino Barletta/Barbara Comparini/Edoardo Canavese/Rita Porro: Urban green as a place of active citizenship practice: experiences in Genoa (Italy) – Kriszta Vásárhelyi/Gabriella Ádám: NGO contribution to realisation of governmental tasks in Environmental Education in Hungary – Sari Kemppainen: The YTV Waste Prevention Strategy 2007 – Jordi Segalàs/Didac Ferrer-Balas/Karel Mulder: Curriculum greening in engineering education. Experiences from Dutch and Spanish technological universities – João Luiz de Moraes Hoeffel/Almerinda Antonia Barbosa Ladini/Micheli Kowalczuk Machado/Jussara Christina Reis/Karina Andréa de Carvalho: Ideas of nature, tourism and environmental education. A study in the Cantareira system environmental protection area – Pio Russo Krauss/Guido Liotti/Aldo Aimone: Educational campaign about the plan against the acoustic pollution in Napoli (Italy) – Richard Kool/Elin Kelsey: Dealing with despair: the psychological implications of environmental issues – Shih-Tsen Liu/Matthew S. Kaplan/Huei-Hsu Wu: Effectiveness of an intergenerational approach for enhancing knowledge and improving attitudes toward the environment: study in the US and Taiwan – Aitor Albizu Intxausti/José Manuel Gutierrez Bastida: Self-regulation of attitudes in education for sustainable development – Theodore Alexiou/Yiannis