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Destination Management

Rok Ovsenik and Iwona Kiereta

This book is a comprehensive effort to describe recent developments in tourism on the one hand, and academic trials, research, analyses and interpretations of contemporary events in this field on the other. It aims to cover the continuum from basic theoretical findings as those from general systems theory up to contemporary analyses of small local tourist destinations.
Contents: Rok Ovsenik/Iwona Kiereta: Preface – Rok Ovsenik/Boris Bukovec/Janja Jerman: Managers in the Slovenian Tourist Trade Industry and Their Attitude towards Their Country’s Admission into the European Union – Milan Ambrož: «A Third Way» of Tourism Planning: The Case of Slovenia – Gorazd Sedmak: Differentiation of Catering Outlets as a Variable in Tourism Destination Positioning – Maja Uran/Janja Jerman: Service Quality as a Competitive Advantage in the Slovenian Hotel Industry – Tadeja Jere Lazanski: System Dynamics Models to Support Decision-Making in Tourism – Boris Bukovec/Rok Ovsenik: Fundamentals of the New Paradigm of Quality Organziational Change Management – Franko Milost: How to Evaluate Intellectual Capital? – Gordana Ivankovič: Marketing-Oriented and Strategic Management Accounting – Živa Čeh: Non-native Speakers Communicating in English: The Language of Tourism – Goran Vukovič/Jure Meglič/Branislav Šmitek: A Model of an Interactive Presentation for a Tourist Destination Offer – Marko Tkalčič/Matevž Pogačnik: Tourist Adapted Destination Selection – Emil Juvan/Rok Ovsenik/Goran Vukovič: Feasibility of Tourism Destination Management and its Development in Small Urban Areas - The Case of the Mislinja Valley – Bojan Vavtar: Supervision as a Function of Management in a Joint Stock Company – Marko Ferjan: A Model for the Education of Tourism Workers – Margareta Benčič/Rok Ovsenik/Iztok Purič: Controversies and Perspectives of Destination Management.