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Trusted Governance due to Public Value Management

Public Governance in Europe between Economization and Common Weal: A Value-Based Concept of Public Administration


Rainer Pitschas

Reinventing Government and modernizing public administration is an important issue in public policy. There is a variety of reform strategies for achieving sustainable development and efficiency of public authorities, but until now, the proposed reforms have not been very successful. It is not surprising that meanwhile, trust in New Public Management partially vanished. Instead of having faith in the «economization» of public management, the question of values arises. In this book, the necessary change towards a Public Value Management (as a counter-movement in Europe against the merely economical way of modernizing public administration) is explained and reflected.
Contents: Values in public administration – Professionalization of public servants, integrity and honesty – Responsibility for public property, money, power and the interests of a social state under the rule of law.