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Achieving Competitiveness Through Innovations – A Challenge for Poland and Other New EU Member States

Walter Leal Filho and Marzenna Anna Weresa

This book attempts to analyse, document and disseminate some basic information on the role of innovation in fostering competitiveness. It tries to consider the various variables that influence the implementation of innovative approaches in market economies, paying at the same time some attention to the barriers that prevent, inhibit or slow down further progress. Among other issues, the book discusses the «new» Lisbon strategy and provides an analysis of the means to implement innovation policy and enhance competitiveness in the European Union and in the new EU States. Moreover, it compares how technological development and international competitiveness influence the ‘old’ and ‘new’ EU Member States, also critically analysing Poland’s competitive position in the enlarged EU and considering its attractiveness for foreign investors from an income tax perspective. Due to its international scope, this publication is of special interest to educators, scientists and researchers working in the innovation sector. It also provides useful insights to politicians and other academics interested in innovation issues in the new EU member countries.
Contents: Adriaan Dierx/Fabienne Ilzkovitz: The «new» Lisbon Strategy - Promoting Innovation and Growth in Europe – Walter Leal Filho: An Analysis of the Means to Implement Innovation Policy and Enhance Competitiveness in the European Union and in the New EU States – Anna Banach: Innovation Policy of the European Union as a Way of Boosting Competitiveness – Edward F. Stuart: Building Regional Competitive Advantage - Lessons from U.S. Experiences for Poland and other new EU Member States – Marzenna A. Weresa: Technological Development and International Competitiveness - ‘Old’ and ‘New’ EU Member States Compared – Leon Podkaminer: Poland’s Competitive Position in the Enlarged EU – Bartosz Witkowski: Expenditures on Innovation and their Influence on Competitive Position on the Market - Empirical Evidence from Poland – Beata Lubos: Activities towards Implementation of Innovation Policy in Poland – Marta Goetz: Knowledge Environment in Clusters as a Factor attracting Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) - Implications for Innovation Policy in Poland – Barbara Loboda: Attracting FDI as a Tool for Technology Transfer and Strengthening Innovation in Poland – Katarzyna Zakrzewska: R&D Activity of Foreign Corporations in Poland – Marcin Gomulka: Are Foreign-owned Manufacturing Industries more Innovative than Home-owned? - Exploration of the Manufacturing Industries in Poland with a PCA-weighted Innovativeness Index – Renata Banasik: Poland’s Attractiveness for Foreign Investors - Income Tax Perspectives.