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Temporary Art and Public Place: Comparing Berlin with Los Angeles


John Powers

This study focuses on the production and reception of sculpture and installation artworks temporarily realized in public places in Berlin and Los Angeles between 1986 and 2003. Place Art, including art works produced as a result of artist-generated public place investigations, is emphasized. A methodic-analytical art-place-space system is set up in terms of physical, sensory, historical, social, political and aesthetic frameworks to examine selected artworks in specific and comparative space-time realities. A model for artistic production, reception, discourse and intercultural understanding is developed.
Content: «Art - Place - Space» in Berlin and Los Angeles – Aspects of Public Art – Kunst im Öffentlichen Raum – Art and Public Place – Art History – Visual Art – Installation Art – Sculpture – Kunstwissenschaft und Ästhetik – Cultural Geography and Urban Studies in Europe and USA.