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The Language of the Peterborough Chronicle


Alexander Bergs and Janne Skaffari

This book is the first (linguistic) publication which exclusively focuses on one of the most famous and important documents in the history of English: the Early Middle English ‘Peterborough Chronicle’. This book contains 10 original and hitherto unpublished papers which deal with phonological, orthographic, morphosyntactic and lexical aspects pertaining to this special manuscript. Moreover, one section is exclusively devoted to teaching the history of English on the basis of the Peterborough Chronicle.
Contents: Alexander Bergs/Janne Skaffari: Invitation to the Peterborough Chronicle and its language – Malasree Home: The Peterborough Chronicle in context – Betty S. Phillips: Æ-raising in the Peterborough Chronicle – Alexander Bergs: Spoilt for choice? problem <ÞE> in <ÐE> Peterborough Chronicle – Agnieszka Pysz: The usage of demonstratives in the Peterborough Chronicle against the background of the Old English paradigm – Cynthia L. Allen: The case of the genitive in the Peterborough Continuations – Elly Van Gelderen: Accelerated grammaticalization in the Peterborough Chronicle – Lynn Sims: Do the verb-movement patterns in the Peterborough Chronicle reflect the influence of a Northern dialect? – Bridget Drinka: The periphrastic perfect in early English: Evidence from the Peterborough Chronicle – Oliver M. Traxel: Linking Old English and Middle English: The Peterborough Chronicle as an introductory tool to the History of English – Carol Percy: ‘To HEL with PC’: Teaching ‘The History of the English Language’ with the Peterborough Chronicle in North America.