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The Interrelationship of Business and Communication


Edited By Michael B. Hinner

While the world of business may revolve around numbers, such as production and sales figures or profit and loss, no business is possible without people. In fact, all business transactions revolve around people. And when people interact, they need to communicate with one another. One could, thus, postulate that in essence no business is possible without communication. That is why an understanding of communication is critical to an understanding of business. And who better to explain what communication is and how it functions than some of the leading experts in the field of human communication who have contributed their expertise and knowledge to this volume. The topics of this book range from the general to the specific and from the practical all the way to the theoretical, covering a wide spectrum of communication aspects that include interpersonal, organizational, mass and mediated communication as well as communication technology. The topics focus on the sender and the encoding as well as receivers and the decoding of messages. Even future opportunities for communication are discussed in this volume. The multifaceted topics of this volume reflect the broad array of communication in a variety of business contexts.

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