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Formative Evaluation for Organisational Learning

A Case Study of the Management of a Process of Curriculum Development


John O´Dwyer

Formative Evaluation has long been considered a major contributor to curriculum development in education. This book describes and analyses a case-study of the use of Formative Evaluation in a large university school of language. Evidence suggests three distinct types of Formative Evaluation, Metacognitive, Transformative, and Performative, with differing levels of effectiveness in promoting curriculum improvement and a Learning Organisation. Performative evaluation surfaces as the most effective for curriculum and organisational development. For managers and curriculum specialists grappling with the task of developing a strong institutional culture, the case-study shows how embedding effective Formative Evaluation into management systems and structures improves change management, encourages a positive organisational culture and leads to sustained organisational learning.
The Author: John O’Dwyer is Director of Bilkent University School of English Language, Ankara, Director of the Özel Bilkent Primary and High Schools, and lecturer in the Graduate School of Education. He has held leadership roles in educational institutions in international contexts for over 20 years, striving to create generative organisations responsive to the challenges facing today’s educators.