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Only Connect: Texts – Places – Politics

Festschrift for Bernd-Peter Lange


Anke Bartels, Reinhold Wandel and Dirk Wiemann

This collection of articles, presented on Bernd-Peter Lange’s 65th birthday, tries to capture some of the manifold domains that he has worked to connect as one of the protagonists in the opening up of German Anglistik to Cultural Studies. The volume proceeds from literature, with the first section offering a variety of readings and rereadings of classic English texts. The subsequent sections focus on the dynamics of inclusion and exclusion that define mainstream and minorities, engage with cultural mobility as well as the various ways in which cultural space is represented and offer a variety of reflections on the relations that pertain between the fields of cultural representation and politics.
Contents: Anke Bartels/Reinhold Wandel/Dirk Wiemann: Only Connect. Texts - Places - Politics: An Introduction – Macdonald Daly: Shall We Arrive at «Nineteen Eighty-Four» for «Clockwork Orange» Reasons? An Intertextual Speculation – Russell West-Pavlov: Translating (between) Cultures: Naipaul’s Apartheid – Dirk Wiemann: Keep the Pterodactyl Flying: Prehistory in a Posthistorical Time – Sridhar Rajeswaran: ‘Made to Arrive From the Future’: A Postcolonial and Feminist Critique of the Poetry of W.B. Yeats – Holger Kersten: «Going Twenty Miles Out of His Way»: Notions of Human Superiority and Environmental Stewardship in Jack London’s Dog Stories – Hans-Werner Breunig: The Rôle of the Individual in British Enlightenment Thought: David Hume: III Habit of Selfhood? – Viktor Link: Friedrich der Große, die englische Literatur und Europa – Lawrence Guntner: Shakespeare in/as/for Europe: A Unifying Discourse – Hans-Peter Rodenberg: Mythic Epistemology as Cultural Metatext in the Early Work of Leslie Marmon Silko – Richard Stinshoff: Casino Indians: Ethnokulturelle Wiedergeburt als Roulette - oder was heißt «fremde Kulturen verstehen»? – Firdaus Gandavia: And Where Do You Belong? On Parsis and Parsiness – Reiner Lehberger: Fachgeschichte und Politische Geschichte: Die letzte Lebensphase des Anglisten Philipp Aronstein – Rüdiger Kunow: The Stranger at the Door: Mobility, Arrival, Hospitality – Mala Pandurang: The Politics and Poetics of Migration Studies: The Theorist as an Interpreter of Metaphors, Maladies and Melodies – Jens-Ulrich Davids/Jakob F. Dittmar: Schiff und SCHIFF: Für die Erweiterung der cultural studies aufs Meer hinaus – Rumiana Jeleva/Eckhard Dittrich: Roma in Bulgarien und Probleme ihrer Integration – Ingrid von Rosenberg: Representations of the City in Contemporary Black and Asian British Art – Claudia Clemens: Coronation Street: 47 Years of Presenting Manchester – Anke Bartels: The Chinese Garden as Spectacle: Readings of the Tourist Gaze – Agata Stopinska: Immersing into the Post-Colonial and the Paradisal – Heiko Schrader: Land Tenure and Empowerment: Reflections on Urban Poverty Policy in Mumbai – Gerd Stratmann: The Promotion of the Pawn: Changing Cultural Meanings of Chess in 18th-Century England – Jürgen Kramer: Anti-Colonial Resistance – Nilufer E. Bharucha: The Emergency - A Defining Moment in Indian Democracy: Literary Responses – Dietmar Fricke: Die Novemberrevolution in Braunschweig und Ehm Welks Roman Im Morgennebel: Versuch, mit einem postkolonialen Blick auf die eigenen Verhältnisse zu schauen – Tania Meyer: Tanz ums Performative: Aufführung einer Umdeutung – Reinhold Wandel: Cultural Studies oder Landeskunde? Ein Rückblick auf Lehberger/Lange: Cultural Studies. Projekte für den Englischunterricht (1984).