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Alois Musil in the «Ard el-Kerak»

A Compendium of Musil’s Itineraries- Observations and Comments from Surveys in 2005-2006


Udo Worschech

The volume gives a summary and evaluation of Alois Musil’s travels in the Ard el-Kerak, the ancient Moabitis, during the years 1896 to 1902. References are made to his records and observations regarding Biblical sites and the customs of settled and nomadic tribes in the Kerak region at that time. The volume is also intended to give credit to the meticulous work of A. Musil (1868-1944) and the valuable information he gave about the geography and topography of the ancient Moabite territory. Musil faithfully recorded the Arabic names of all the landscapes, roadways, watercourses, wadis, and ancient ruins he encountered. These are still neglected in modern discussions about the archaeology and history of ancient Moab. This volume is intended to help researchers of the region to find their way, following in A. Musil’s footsteps and, hopefully, gain more insights into this land from his work called Arabia Petraea I.
Contents: Alois Musil’s travels in the Ard el-Kerak – Geography – Topography, customs and ancient settlements in Central Jordan – References to Biblical sites.