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Conflict Resolution in Coastal Zone Management


Walter Leal Filho, Nils Brandt, Dörte Krahn and Ronald Wennersten

In view of the importance of coastal areas to Baltic countries, integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) is a matter of prime concern. ICZM is also an important feature of the project Coastal Zone Management in the Baltic Sea Region (COASTMAN), undertaken in the context of the Interreg IIIB (Baltic Sea) Programme. These experiences are presented in this book, which begins with an overview of the issue of conflict resolution in coastal zone management followed by a description of a set of administrative and legal processes and of case studies in the following regions: Hamburg (Germany), Haapsalu (Estonia), Klaipėda (Lithuania), Primorsk (Russia), Stockholm (Sweden) and Ventspils (Latvia). The third part presents information relating to the educational and training aspects of conflict resolution in ICZM. Thanks to its scope and trans-national dimension, this Handbook will be instrumental for organisations responsible for ICZM and will provide some inspiration towards initiatives that can be undertaken at the local level in order to better understand, and hopefully address, conflicts arising in coastal areas.
Contents: Ronald Wennersten: Administrative and Legal Processes in Coastal Zone Management – Ronald Wennersten: Methods in Environmental Conflict Resolution (ECR) – Case Studies: Loudden (Stockholm, Sweden), Hamburg (Germany), Haapsalu (Estonia), Klaipėda (Lithuania), Primorsk (Russia), Ventspils (Latvia): Ronald Wennersten/Nils Brandt/Åsa Larsson: Loudden: A Controversial Harbour for Petroleum Products in Stockholm - Walter Leal Filho/Agnieszka Hołda/Janne Juurikas/Irene Lucius/Dörte Krahn/Ahmed Quereshi: The River Elbe in Hamburg: A description of the issues surrounding the dredging of the River Elbe and possible means of conflict resolution - Arvo Iital/Krista Vilta/Enn Loigu/Jüri Kurba: Spatial Conflict Resolution and Coastal Zone Management for Haapsalu Bay - Olga Belous/Saulius Gulbinskas: Klaipėda Deep-Sea Seaport Development - Elena V. Victorova/M.S. Shilin/N.L. Plink/A.G. Kosheleva/G.G. Gogoberidze: Ecological and Sociological Studies as a Crucial Tool for Decision-Making in Primorsk Coastal Zone Management - Ilga Zīlniece, Tatjana Valdmane/Ineta Kraule/Sofija Galindoma/Laila Kule: Coastal Zone Management in Ventspils – Nils Brandt/Jan Fidler/Ronald Wennersten/Åsa Larsson: Pilot Course on ‘Conflict Resolution applied to Coastal Zone Conflicts in the Baltic Sea Region’ - The Educational Part of the Coastman Project – Walter Leal Filho/Nils Brandt/Dörte Krahn/Ronald Wennersten: Conclusions.