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Is China a Risk or an Opportunity for Europe?

An Assessment of the Automobile, Steel and Shipbuilding Sectors


Francesco Garibaldo, Philippe Morvannou and Jochen Tholen

China’s industrial growth has been the unexpected event of the beginning of the 21st century owing to its impact on the entire global economy. The aim of the book is to get a common understanding of China’s economic future and its consequences for Europe based on the situation in three metal sectors chosen as examples, namely steel, shipbuilding, and automotive. That assessment can then serve as a basis for describing and evaluating the importance of the factors enabling Chinese industry to be globally competitive. Finally, this research will endeavour to pinpoint the relevant issues and establish ways of internationally regulating the growth of China’s metal industries, making them compatible with international standards regarding sustainable development and social responsibility.
Contents: Francesco Garibaldo/Philippe Morvannou/Jochen Tholen: Foreword – Emmanuel Reich: Is China’s Growth Sustainable? – Caroline Jacobsson: Relations between China and the European Commission – Francesco Garibaldo/Oscar Marchisio/Volker Telljohann: The Automotive Industry – Thorsten Ludwig/Jochen Tholen: Shipbuilding in China and its Impacts on European Shipbuilding – Daniela Gradinaru/ Philippe Morvannou: Steel – Caroline Jacobsson: Policy Recommendations.