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Fieldnotes and Sketchbooks

Challenging the Boundaries Between Descriptions and Processes of Describing

Wendy Gunn

Every description of the world we inhabit embodies certain processes of describing. In Fieldnotes and Sketchbooks researchers from the fields of anthropology, architecture and fine art reflect on the descriptive practices characteristic of their respective disciplines, and the potential of alternative modalities of description to challenge the boundaries that divide them. Contributors focus on the interconnections between writing, imaging, drawing and reading, exploring the many ways in which different media and notational systems can be used in contexts of learning to facilitate the movement of knowledge across the three disciplines.
Contents: Wendy Gunn: ‘Fieldnotes and Sketchbooks’: An introduction – Simon Unwin: Notebook Architecture – Alan Johnston: Notes Towards Encasement – Elizabeth Hallam: Anatomists’ Ways of Seeing and Knowing – Tim Ingold: 12 As – Norman Shaw: Linear Sorcery – Raymond Lucas: Gestural Artefacts: Notations of a Daruma Doll – Stephanie Bunn: Transformations – David Nash: Journey Line – James Hugonin: Fluctuations and Stillnesses.