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Religion, Ritual, Theatre

Bent Holm, Bent Flemming Nielsen and Karen Vedel

Scholars and experts in anthropology, theatricality, ethnoscenology, dance, religious studies, theology, history and art have contributed to the inspiring exchange of intellectual inquiry in this book. It presents the revised lectures and a selection of the revised papers from the international and interdisciplinary conference Religion, Ritual, Theatre which took place in April 2006 at the University of Copenhagen. The aim of the book is to intertwine new theories with concrete case studies in an empirical and practical manner. Case studies from different places and various cultures in Europe, South Africa, the Near East and India demonstrate noticeable parallels concerning the notions of embodiment and practice. Even though these upcoming perspectives share a rather redundant vocabulary they nevertheless seem to contribute to a common ground of a phenomenology of the body, of action and perception.
Contents: Bent Holm/Bent Flemming Nielsen/Karen Vedel: Approaches and Perspectives – Bent Flemming Nielsen: Ritualization, the Body and the Church: Reflections on Protestant Mindset and Ritual Process – Mette B. Bruun: Monks in Space: A Medieval Ritual and its Setting – Thomas Hoffmann: The Intercourse of Prayer: Notes on an Erotic Passage in The Arabian Nights and the Islamic Ritual Prayer – William S. Sax: Ritual and Theatre in Hinduism – Karin Polit: Performing Heritage: Rituals Turned Theatre in Uttarakhand, North India – Gopal Venu: Kutiyattam: Beyond Religion and Ritual Observance – Bent Holm: Animations of Legendary Figures: Indian and European «Minor» Theatre Forms Contextualized and Defamiliarized – Nils Holger Petersen: Religious Judgment or Ghost Story: Modern Productions of Mozart’s Don Giovanni – Karen Vedel: Ancestral Voices in Contemporary Performance: The Use of Trance in Vincent Mantsoe’s Men-Jaro (2006) – Jean-Marie Pradier: Flesh is Spirit: Ritual or the Problems of Action – Jens Kreinath: Virtuality and Mimesis: Toward an Aesthetics of Ritual Performances as Embodied Forms of Religious Practice.