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Systematics and the Economics of Culture


Victor Lux Tonn

Systematics presents a revolutionary, qualitative and rigorous endeavor (from elements to system space) in searching for the unifying understandings of all entities existing in the universe. In light of systematics, the economies of the world embedded in the labyrinth of technologies, politics, social conditions, and cultures are studied, with general models (i.e., the West and the East) presented and with focal points provided to establish solid foundations for predicting the possible catching-up of the United States by China in a finite time. For the readers of humanities, there are a few bonuses: a new frontier framework for studying philosophical systems and initially constructed systems of literature and history.
The Author: Victor Lux Tonn received a Ph.D. in Economics (Utah State) and a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematical Sciences (Rhode Island). His current research areas include the comparative Sino-American advancement and the refined systemic models of philosophy, communications, history, and poetry.