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Weak State, Uncertain Citizenship: Moldova


Monica Heintz

Definitions of citizenship often lack a solid grounding in the lived realities of ordinary citizens. They tend instead to focus on the debates of elites and on geopolitical processes. Citizenship in the postsocialist context defies the narrow definitions given by political elites, primarily because representatives of the state have been unable to guarantee the ‘social rights’ that citizens expect. This volume seeks to provide information by looking both at the making of citizenship from above and at the perceptions and responses of citizens from below. How citizens conceive of their relations to the state determines their involvement (or lack of involvement) in public life, including voting and participation in social movements. It also determines whether or not they will seek an alternative citizenship, and their attitudes towards ethnic conflicts. It follows that the possibilities of citizenship offered by postsocialist Moldova constitute a vital factor in addressing the political, economic, and social difficulties which this young state faces.
Contents: Stefan Troebst/Chris Hann: Preface – Monica Heintz: State and Citizenship in Moldova: A Pragmatic Point of View – Florent Parmentier: Weak State and Citizenship by Default – Catalina Zgureanu-Guragata: What kind of Nationalism for the Republic of Moldova? – Nicu Popescu: Transnistria’s Survival – Jennifer R. Cash: Memories of States Past: Identity Salience and the Challenges of Citizenship – Hülya Demirdirek: Gagauz Autonomy and Ambiguous Citizenship – Rebecca Chamberlain-Creangă: The ‘Transnistrian People’? Citizenship and Imaginings of ‘The State’ in an Unrecognised Country – Sergiu Musteata: National Identity between History Teaching and Politics: Moldova (2001-2007) – Stefan Ihrig: (Un)civic Discourses and their Discontents: Moldovanist and Romanianist Conceptions of the Nation and its Citizens in Current History Textbooks and Historiography of the Republic of Moldova (1991-2006) – Elisabeth Anderson: Making Patriots or Democratic Citizens? History Education and the Challenges to Education for Citizenship in the Republic of Moldova – Florentina Harbo: Can Federalism Cope with the Challenges of the Transnistrian Conflict? – Odette Tomescu-Hatto: Inside and Outside the Border: Moldova and Romania in Wider Europe.