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Servant of God in John


Dominic Obielosi

The topic of this book is to scholars what Uranus was to Scientists before 1781. The ignorance of astrologers about the existence of Uranus before 1781 does not negate the factuality of its being. This is similar in the case of the Servant of God in John. His predicates are there, although the title is missing. Scholars and epochs have witnessed researches and contributions in the Gospel of John. Many see aspects of the Servant of God in John. But just as Uranus could not be seen but its existence was proven because of its effects on the orbits of the other planets, so the Servant of God of the Fourth Gospel could not be seen as a title but its effects on the other christological titles of the gospel indicate its reality in the gospel. The author’s approach is purely exegetico-theological.
Contents: Status quaestionis establishing the factuality of the problem – Detailed examination of the characteristic attributes of the Servant of God as postulated by Isaiah – Servant Songs of Isaiah as a subject of interest in the New Testament – Attributes of the Servant of God as crystallized in chosen Johannine passages to prove that John used the categories of the Servant of God and applied them to other christological titles – A hermeneutic interpretation in the context of African Traditional Religion.