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Stories and Reflections of Immigrant Activists in Europe

Dita Vogel

This book shares the stories and reflections of 40 foreign-born activists in different European states. The immigrants vividly report on their paths into active participation in the societies in which they live. They reflect on their own role as links and mediators between different groups, as role models and door openers for newcomers and young second-generation immigrants, and as admonishers and advocates. The stories encompass unique experiences of special persons, but they also illustrate general challenges for the integration of immigrants in Europe. All those who are interested in migration and integration issues should find the book interesting and inspiring reading. In addition, adult educators may find real-life examples for their workshops and courses. Careful introductions and complementary information-boxes support this purpose.
Contents: Active immigrants as agents of integration – Dealing with stereotyping, discrimination and racism – Immigrant organisations – Personality types of (immigrant) activists – Educational and ethnic capital – Refugee policy and standing for a political office.