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Knowledge Region: Alps-Adriatic Challenges

Volume I – General Perspective

Josef Langer, Jurica Pavicic and Niksa Alfirevic

This book discusses the role of knowledge in European transformation under a regional perspective. Starting out with a critical appraisal of ‘knowledge’, ‘knowledge economy’ and ‘knowledge society’ as theoretical concepts the book pursues the regional and cross-border context of knowledge. Its empirical focus is on the Alps-Adriatic cross-border region in Central Europe with some international comparisons. Here the dense fabric of knowledge in regional societies is demonstrated. Awareness of the importance of regions in socio-economic development is raised.
Contents: Josef Langer/Jurica Pavičić/Nikša Alfirević: Knowledge in an Era of Societal Transformation – Yrjö-Paavo Häyrynen: Knowledge Society: ‘An Overwhelming All’ versus Expression, Thinking, and Creativity as an Ineffaceable Right – Vittorio Olgiati: Potentials and Obstacles in the Promotion of Higher Knowledge in the European Area: The Post-National Question of European Intellectuals – Josef Langer: The Knowledge Space of Mitteleuropa in Historical Perspective – Thomas Döring/Birgit Aigner: The Importance of Knowledge for Regional Economic Growth - State of Economic Research and its Application to the Alps-Adriatic Region – Matevž Tomšič/Frane Adam: Cultural Patterns in Slovenian Business, Public Administration and Science – Tomaž Čater: Knowledge-Based Sources of a Firm’s Competitive Advantage - The Case of Slovenian Post-transitional Economy – Barbara Hönig: Impact of EU-Accession on the Development of Sociology in the Common Border Region Slovenia-Southern Austria – Nikša Alfirević/Goran Vlašić/Igor Grčić: The Gaming Virtual Communities – Matthias Klemm/Ursula Mense-Petermann: ‘Knowledge Transfer’ and Cross-Cultural Learning - Problems and Chances of Cultural Difference in Learning and Knowledge Processes – Zoran Mihanović: Intelligence Generation and Intelligence Dissemination as a Basis for Efficient Responsiveness in Higher Education - The Case of Croatia – Zoran Vlašić/Zoran Wittine: The Importance of Life-long Learning for the Generation of Intellectual Capital and the Creation of Sustainable Competitive Advantage.