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Social Innovation, the Social Economy and World Economic Development

Democracy and Labour Rights in an Era of Globalization


Denis Harrisson, György Széll and Reynald Bourque

The world of work and labour is in a permanent transformation affecting the various social groups in the different parts of the world quite unequally. Social innovations, related to the idea of economic progress and well-being, tackle the problems of employment leading to social exclusion and poverty as a consequence of the extreme positioning in favour of economic performance. An alternative economy complements the deficiency of both the market and the State. This volume presents contributions from scholars coming from different continents, about Social Economy, Labour Rights, corporate Social Responsibility, Social Regulations and Public Policies. Social innovations have huge impacts on national and regional economies as their sources come from the citizen. Many initiatives presented in this volume are a social response by civil society to poverty, precarious employment, job losses, long term unemployment, delocalisation and de-industrialisation.
Contents: György Széll: Foreword – Denis Harrisson/Reynald Bourque/György Széll: Social Innovation, Economic Development, Employment and Democracy – Léopold Beaulieu: A New Economic Paradigm for the Challenges of Sustainable Development – Maria Teresa de Sousa: The Social Economy: a ‘New’ Tool at the Service of the Battle for Employment – Denis Harrisson/Mariline Comeau-Vallée: The Social Economy and Labour - A Strong Identity and a Few Paradoxes – Dominique Efros: From Working on Values to Transforming Social Activities: How to Update the Principle of ‘by and for all’? – Anup Dash: Microfinance, Poverty and the Social Economy of Empowerment – Sven Schaller: Renewable Energy Cooperatives and the Development of Rural Regions in the Third World – Reynald Bourque: Transnational Trade Unionism and Social Regulation of Globalization – Thobile Yanta: Strategic Unionism: A Key to the Quality of Social Dialogue Outcomes – Yunus Dauda: Global Economy and Workers Rights: Ethical Challenges to Corporate Social Responsibilities – Catherine Casey: Critical Reflections on Work, Citizenship and Corporate Social Responsibility – Jocelyne Robert: Negotiation and Transaction in the Context of Restructuring: Ethics, Trust and Social Responsibility – Volker Telljohann: The Role of Social Actors in the Context of Restructuring Processes in the European Household Appliances Industry – Jürgen Howaldt, Ralf Kopp/Michael Schwarz: Shaping Innovation by Social Research - the New Role of the Social Sciences – Detlev Ehrig/Uwe Staroske: The Gap of Services and the Three-Sector-Hypothesis (Petty’s Law): Is this Concept out of Fashion or a Tool to Enhance Welfare? – Friedrich Fuerstenberg: The Establishment of Market Structures - Societal Transition and Social Challenge – Martine D’Amours: Organization of Work for Qualified Self-employed Workers: Internalization of Control and Externalization of Risk – Qi Zou: China’s Outward FDI and Employment – Dinghong Yi: Does the System for Eliminating the Last Class Employees Violate Labour Laws in China? – Chintamani Lahshmanna: India as a Transitional Society - Challenges, Risks, Strenghts and Prospects – Debi S. Saini: Informal Sector Workforce in the Era of Marketization: Social Protection Interventions in Indian Context – Yaşar Aydin: Current Sociology of Strangerhood and Implications for Immigration Policies – Jean-Michel Plassard/Isabelle Desbarats: Migration Policies in the Service of Economic Needs: The French Illustration – Heinz Sünker: Maturity or Discipline? Social Perspectives on Upbringing and Education – Fabio Luiz Zamberlan/Paulo Cesar Greenhalgh de Cerqueira Lima/Maria Silvia Passos: General Technical Training: Case Study of the ProJovem Young People’s Training Programme in Brazil – Olivier Guiraudie: The Intergenerational Challenges Presented by the Necessary Reform of the Employment and Social Welfare Structure – György Széll: Social Innovations and Labour.