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Serbia and Byzantium

Proceedings of the International Conference Held on 15 December 2008 at the University of Cologne


Mabi Angar and Claudia Sode

The papers assembled in this volume are devoted to various aspects of cross-cultural encounter between medieval Serbia and the Byzantine Empire. The volume includes case studies addressing art-historical, architectural and numismatic questions, as well as critical discussions of traditional historiographies which demonstrate the need for a reassessment of established scholarly opinions and methodologies. The volume aims at embedding medieval Serbia in a broader historical landscape beyond ideological boundaries.
Contents: Slobodan Ćurčić: Architecture in Byzantium, Serbia and the Balkans Through the Lenses of Modern Historiography – Jelena Erdeljan: Studenica. A New Perspective? – Vujadin Ivanišević: Serbian and Byzantine Coinage – Čedomila Marinković: Principles of the Representation of the Founder’s (ktetor’s) Architecture in Serbian Medieval and Byzantine Art – Vlada Stanković: The Character and Nature of Byzantine Influence in Serbia (from the End of the Eleventh to the End of the Thirteenth Century): Reality – Policy – Ideology.