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A Mosaic of Corpus Linguistics

Selected Approaches


Aquilinio Sánchez Pérez and Moisés Almela Sánchez

The growth experienced by Corpus Linguistics over the last two decades has complicated the definition of the discipline. There is at present no consensus as to what corpus linguistics exactly is. Is it a methodology, a theoretical framework, a research paradigm? The goal of this book is multi-purpose. It provides material for a discussion of the notion of «corpus linguistics», an overt discussion of the limits of this discipline and a comparison of some of the main approaches. And at the same time it offers a collection of selected papers representative of a range of approaches and applications associated with corpus research.
Contents: M. Almela/A. Sánchez: Why a monograph on corpus linguistics? – W. Teubert: Rethinking corpus linguistics – T. Bastow: Some discourse functions of the modal adverbs of course, clearly, obviously, and certainly in a corpus of US defence speeches – J. Rivas/E. Brown: Variable development of intersubjectivity in Spanish – L. Hồ-Đắc: An exploratory data-driven analysis for describing discourse organization – I. Zulaica Hernández: Testing accessibility and givenness in a corpus of Spanish – P. Fuertes-Olivera/J. Rodrigues-Rodrigues: Working with English specialized corpora: lexical bundles in written scientific English – A. Sánchez/P. Cantos: In search of a new model for WSD: a multi-layered Lexical Constellation Model – P. Cantos: Analysing linguistic decline in early stage Alzheimer’s disease: a corpus-based approach – J. Pérez Guerra/A. Martínez Insua: Enlarging noun phrases little by little: on structural complexity and modification in the history of English – J. Ruano-García: Looking at suffixation in Early Modern northern English: a preliminary approach in the light of The Salamanca Corpus – F. Alonso-Almeida/N. Vázquez: Modal verbs in Early Modern English recipes – M. P. Valverde Ibáñez/E. Blick: A web corpus of Spanish automatically annotated with semantic roles – S. Th. Gries: Useful statistics for corpus linguistics.