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Ukraine on its Way to Europe

Interim Results of the Orange Revolution

Juliane Besters-Dilger

The Orange Revolution in November/December 2004 has unambiguously determined the future orientation of Ukraine: Joining the European Union has obtained top priority. «Europe» is understood here not as a geographical or historical term, but as a normative concept including respect for human and civil rights, rule of law, division of powers, parliamentary democracy, open and pluralistic society and so on. The publication has two aims: a critical analysis and evaluation of the efforts of Ukraine under President Yushchenko to bring about a change in direction toward a rapprochement to the European Union (2005-2008), and the identification of cultural constants of the Ukrainian society which either hinder or are conducive to the rapprochement.
Contents: Gerhard Simon: After the Orange Revolution: the Rocky Road to Democracy – Ingmar Bredies: The 2004 Constitutional Reform: Origins, Driving Forces and Consequences – Dieter Segert: Political Parties in Ukraine since the Orange Revolution – Walter Rechberger: Judicial Independence in Ukraine – Åse Berit Grødeland: Cultural Constants, Corruption and the Orange Revolution – Heiko Pleines: The Political Role of the Oligarchs – Martin Schauer/Anna Lawrenjuk: Ukrainian Company Law between Modernisation and Post-Soviet Tradition - The Joint Stock Company as an Example – Bettina Haidinger: Social Policy and Poverty Alleviation in Ukraine from a Gender Perspective – Kerstin Zimmer: The Role of Ukraine within the European Migration System – Susan Stewart: NGO Development in Ukraine since the Orange Revolution – Juliane Besters-Dilger: Ukrainian Media Policies on the Way to Europe – Andreas Kappeler: The Politics of History in Contemporary Ukraine: Russia, Poland, Austria, and Europe – Martin Malek: The «Western Dimension» of the Foreign and Security Policy of Ukraine since 2005 with Special Consideration of the «Russian Factor» – Lina Klymenko: What Holds Ukraine and Poland Together? On External and Internal Factors of Ukrainian-Polish Relations – Alois Woldan: Culture Dimensions in Ukraine – Renate Pillinger: Ukraine’s Approach to the Preservation of its Ancient and Religious Inheritance – Igor Gordyi: The Ukrainian Churches and the Europeanisation of Ukraine.