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The Temple Incident in Mark 11,15-19

The Disclosure of Jesus and the Marcan Faction


Solomon Wong

This study sets out to interpret the Marcan Temple incident (Mark 11,15-19) as a distancing device, by which the Marcan faction differentiates itself from other Jews, especially the anti-Roman revolutionaries who had turned the temple in Jerusalem into ‘a den of bandits’ during the Jewish revolt between 66 and 74 CE. It concentrates on the interactions between the Marcan faction and other Jewish factions in the context of its Jewish symbolic universe. The study concludes that the Marcan faction is ‘Jewish but differently’.
Contents: The temple incident of Jesus in Mark 11,15-19 – Jewishness of the Marcan faction – Collective identity – Jewish symbolic universe – The Jewish revolt (66-74 CE) – Mark 13 – The Marcan faction is ‘Jewish but differently’.