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Georgia in Transition

Experiences and Perspectives


Lorenz King and Giorgi Khubua

Georgia is a small country located in the Caucasus, which gained independence in April 1991 after several decades of socialistic structures of the Soviet Union. Like all other post Soviet countries, Georgia had to face the challenges of the transition process towards democracy and market economy. Today, more than 15 years after the beginning of the transition process, a lot has changed. This book portrays the development of Georgia in this difficult period. It gives an overview of the experiences Georgia has gone through during transition. The first part of this book deals with the jurisprudential and (security) political aspects of transformation. The section covers the problems concerning statehood and democratization in Georgia as well as electoral procedures. The second part of the anthology deals with the challenges arising from the transition from a planned economy toward market oriented economic structures, which Georgia has to face. Land use change and environmental problems are the main topics of the book’s third part. Additionally, the book covers issues regarding climate change.
Contents: Lado Chanturia: The Development of Civil Law in Georgia – Gerd Winter: The Trajectory of Georgian Administrative Law - Impressions of an Advisor – Marie-Carin von Gumppenberg: Elections in Georgia – Nino Chkoidze: Stateness and Democratisation in Georgia – Marietta S. König: Conflict Resolution in Georgia: A Never-ending Story? – Mamuka Komakhia: Ethnic Minorities during the Transitional Period – Tanja Kirn/Elguja Khokrishvili: Challenges of Decentralisation in the Republic of Georgia – George Tomaradze: Investment Climate: Challenges of Transition – Vladimer Papava: The European Vector of Economic Reforms in Post-Revolution Georgia – Teimuraz Beridze: The National Economic Model and Globalization (The Case of Georgia) – Eric Livny/Mack Ott/Karine Torosyan: Impact of Russian Sanctions on the Georgian Economy – Elguja Khokrishvili/David Narmania: Tax Reform in Georgia - Which Alternatives Should be Pursued? – Kerstin Kötschau/Eka Sepashvili/Nino Narimanidze: Agriculture in Georgia - Commercial Sector or Social Safety Net? – Alexander Didebulidze/Tengiz Urushadze: Agriculture and Land Use Change in Georgia – Peter Felix-Henningsen/Diedrich Steffens/Tengiz Urushadze/Eliso King-Narimanidze/Besso Kalandadze: Uptake of Heavy Metals by Food Crops from Highly Polluted Kastanozems in an Irrigation District South of Tbilisi, Eastern Georgia – Michael Schaefer/Mariam Elizbarashvili/Lorenz King/Ramaz Meskhia: Climate Change in Georgia during the 20th Century – Nodar Kekelidze/Teimuraz Jakhutashvili/Eremia Tulashvili/David Kekelidze/Lela Mtsariashvili: Investigation of the Ecological State of Georgia’s Main River Kura in the Framework of the NATO - OSCE Project: South Caucasus River Monitoring.