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Issues of Globalisation and Secularisation in France and Ireland


Yann Bévant, Eamon Maher, Grace Neville and Eugene O'Brien

When one considers issues that are crucial to the evolution of French and Irish culture and behaviour, it is doubtful if there is anything more pertinent than globalisation and secularisation. Clearly, the experience of these concepts in both countries varies greatly: for example, while the French demonstrate a certain ‘méfiance’ – even ‘mépris’ – towards the globalistion project, which they associate with Hollywood, Microsoft, McDonalds and very little that is positive, the Irish, particularly during the Celtic Tiger years, were enthused by the possibilities it offered in terms of material gain and liberation from the excessive control of the Roman Catholic Church. In relation to the latter, many commentators argue that globalisation brought a more secular mindset to Ireland in recent decades, whereas in France the term ‘laïcité’ is strongly identified with the Republican ideology that dates back to the French Revolution. Clearly, therefore, the theme is a revealing one.
Cet ouvrage, qui contient des articles rédigés en anglais et en français, est composé des Actes du 4e Colloque franco-irlandais qui a eu lieu à l’université Rennes 2 en mai 2008 sous l’égide du NCFIS.
Contents: Eamon Maher : « Ma paroisse est dévorée par l’ennui » : Secularisation in George-Bernanos’ Journal d’un curé de campagne and John McGahern’s That They May Face the Rising Sun – Brian Walsh: The Place of the Present in the Poetry of Seamus Heaney and Derek Mahon – Paula Murphy: From Ferry to Flight: Globalising and Secularising Irish Women – Peter D. T. Guy: McGahern, Proust and the Universality of Memory – Wacław Grzybowski: Lux ex Armorica: The Celtic Contemplative Consciousness versus Secularisation in Thomas McGreevy’s Breton Oracles – Brigitte Bastiat: The Hostage by Brendan Behan: A Tolerant and Secular Representation of Irish Society – Jean Brihault : Dermot Bolger, romancier de la mondialisation ? – Catherine Maignant: Strategies to ‘save’ Globalised Society: A Critical Assessment – Mary Pierse: In Careful and Carefree Secular Engagements: Towards Understanding the Saecula – Jean-Christophe Penet: Ultramodernity and the Redefinition of Secularisation as the Restructuration of Belief in Contemporary France and Ireland – Véronique Gauthier : Religion, économie et mondialisation : une analyse institutionnaliste – Patrick Claffey: Masters and Servants: Joseph Pagnol, Brian McMahon and the Primary School – Anne Goarzin: Faith, Hope and Debris: Globalisation and Secularisation in the Work of Paul Durcan and John Kindness – Catherine Fravalo/Angela Feeney : La Laïcité à la française peut-elle apporter des solutions aux défis que pose à l’enseignement en Irlande le multiculturalisme ? – Eugene O’Brien: ‘The Humanities of Tomorrow’: Negotiating Globalisation and Secularisation.