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Audiovisual Media and Music Culture

Translated from Slovak by Barbora Patočková

Juraj Lexmann

In the present time electronic media are the most powerful factory that influence music culture. They change social functions of music, they affect musical behavior, music taste and aesthetic ideals of the society. The power of film, television and other media is based on the fact that the media trigger complex audiovisual perceptions or they determine the ways of how music evokes extra-musical imaginations. Audiovisual Media and Music Culture struggles to systematize and classify the basic categories of audiovisual communication, it explains music in media as a category of space and time, reveals the laws of the music culture development, the advantages and disadvantages of civilization trends and it also separates value constants from transition episodes.
Contents: Culture and civilisation – Medial communication – Axiological understanding of music culture – Importance of phonography and cinematography for the civilisation – Media as interconnected System – Digital mediamorphoses – Audiovisual space – Montage – Live transmission – Psychical time of spectator.