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Belarus: External Pressure, Internal Change

Hans-Georg Heinrich and Ludmilla Lobova

This volume is a synopsis of various perspectives as well as a trans-boundary and interdisciplinary analysis of the Belarusian model. It is the result of a dialogue among authors who, for various reasons, take a supportive or critical approach towards the present regime. Their views are supplemented by contributions written by authors from neighboring countries. The findings support the thesis that Belarusian society, economy and the political system have begun to adapt to the new challenges the country faces. This study marks an important step forward in the analysis of the intractable Belarusian model and helps to identify its unique and ephemeral features.
Contents: Vladimir N. Shimov: Program-Target Approach to Transforming an Economy: Experience of Belarus (1991-2007) – Leonid Zaiko: Belarus Today: Two Trajectories of One Country – Igor Katibnikov: Economic Reforms in Belarus – Yaroslav Romanchuk: The Belarusian Republic: Genesis, Results and Perspectives of the Neo-Planned Economy – Sergey Musienko: Belarus and Europe: Their Elites and Their View of Political Responsibility – Michail Marinic: The Economy of Belarus: From the Energy Crisis Towards Reforms and Cooperation With Europe – Svetlana Zavadskaia: Belarusian Mass Media. The Independence Period (1994-2007) – Anna Zadora: The Belarusian Elite: Formation, Conduct and Developmental Dynamics. A Socio-Historical Perspective – Andrei Vardamatski: Freedom: An Axiological Agent of Change in Belarus – Žygimantas Vaičiūnas/Justinas Dementavičius: Scenarios of the Transformation of the Belarus Regime – Rafał Sadowski: Belarus Between the European Union and Russia: The Polish Perspective – Michael Delyagin: New Belarus for New Russia: Past, Present, Future – Peter Havlik: Belarus Between Russia and the European Union: Some Reflections on the Belarusian ‘Economic Miracle’ and Future Prospects – Stephan Barisitz: The Belarusian Banking System – Martin Rossmann: Elections and Political Pluralism in Belarus – Yakov E. Kenigsberg: The Consequences of Chernobyl in Belarus: Ongoing Problems – Corinna Windisch: The Struggle for the ‘Right Official Version’ Diplomacy and the Issue of the Chernobyl Desaster – Andrei Stepanov: The Role of ‘Chernobyl’ in the Political Process in Belarus: Shaping the Political System and Public Policy – Andrei Riabov: Belarus in Russian Politics: Lessons from a Relationship and Factors of Influence – Tatiana Zhurzhenko: Sisters Into Neighbors Ukrainian Belarusian Relations after 1991 – Johannes Eigner: Relations between the EU and Belarus – Vahram Abadjian: The OSCE and Belarus: The Long and Winding Road of Co-operation – Andrey I. Suzdaltsev: Relations between Moscow and Minsk (2005-2007) – Hans-Georg Heinrich/Ludmilla Lobova: Belarus: External Pressure, Internal Change. Conclusions and Policy Recommendations (March 2009).