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Studies in Biblical Historiography and Geography

Collection of Studies


Zecharia Kallai

This book is a sequel to Biblical Historiography and Historical Geography; published in 1998. It comprises further studies in the field of biblical historiography, literary history of the biblical historical narratives and the quest for their veracity. They rely on a study of the tangible data of territorial history and the testimony elicited from the patterned historical concepts that figure in the texts. This line of research is based on a historical evaluation of literary testimonies interrelated with the archaeological evidence and regional history.
Contents: Studies in biblical sources relating to the field of territorial history – The process of settlement – Epical expressions of historical traditions – Stylized formulations as a guide to literary history – Scribal tradition and scribal rules – Political and ideological doctrines in historical writing – The process from motif to composition as a guide to literary history.